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Welcome to the website of OSSDI (Open Source Software Distribution Initiative). OSSDI is a brand-new organization committed to distributing open source alternatives to expensive commercial software packages, especially in education. Initially, OSSDI will be focusing its efforts on giving away professionally pressed CD-ROMS containing the software suite, among other open source products, within K12 school districts in poverty-stricken areas. Why?

OSSDI believes that commercial software costs can be prohibitive for students in impoverished regions. We also believe that no child should be prevented from fully utilizing technology to further their education. Open source software is the solution. is a viable alternative to major office suites, and can be distributed for the cost of a CD. You can read more about us on the about page.


Our Current Status

OSSDI is still in its infancy as an organization. Because of this, all of our current resources are focused on gaining supporters, raising funds, and recruiting volunteers. Plans are under-way for our first software distribution, but we must first cover our operating costs. We are also interested in becoming a registered not for profit corporation so that donors will receive tax breaks for their gifts, but the registration process can also be very costly and time-consuming.

In order to raise funds to kick-start the organization, become registered, and begin distributing software, we are currently hosting a membership drive. Our goal is very simple: we hope to raise $1,500 by the end of February. This sum should cover the cost of incorporating OSSDI, along with our first 2-3 software distributions. We've made it easy to donate; the default donation is only $2.00. As an extra incentive, all donors will have their names listed in the credits for our first CD release.

We have now reached 25% of our goal!


How else can I help?

Volunteer your time and/or services.
We also need man-power. Do you work at a web-hosting or CD-ROM replication company? If you think you could help us out with services like hosting, a discount on our CD-ROMS or if you can volunteer your services to help with the distribution effort in a nearby community, please volunteer!